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Does it cost anything for my athletes to receive a training program?
No, It´s free for all your athletes to log in and see the programs you have made for them!
How do I change my password for
Just Log in with your actual password, then click on “My Profile” and choose “Change Password. Now you can choose a new password.


I have problems to log in.
Sometimes it will help to reset your password. Click on “Forgot the password?”
You will then receive a new password by mail.

When you got your new password you can log in and rename it again under “My profile”.

How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription you have to log in and click on “My profile”. In “My profile” you can cancel your subscription. You will be able to log in during the rest of your period of subscription. You can let the subscription rest and then just log in again and pay for the next period and all your data will be available for you again.
Do I get a receipt for my credit card payment?
If you have signed a monthly subscription, you will automatically get a receipt each month when the money has been withdrawn from your credit card.
Can I delete former trainees/atletes/students?

You cannot delete tainees/atletes/students.
We recommend that you create a special group called “Former atletes/trainees/students” and move them to this group.
In this way, they do not get in the way for you.




Only available in danish and swedish at the moment!

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