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There aren't training programs for all sports. What about training programs for other sports, such as MTB?
Sportsbasics has ready-made training programs for “almost” all sports. But what would you suggest of physical training programs for children youth from 11 years and up, in a MTB club?
Thanks for your question. As you have seen, we do not have any trainingprograms specifically for MTB, but I think it might be a really good idea to use the programs we have made for Badminton. Since your active atletes are so young and moving forward, I believe that versatile training is the key to success. The badminton programs are available from 1-10 and can be used to advantage by MTB!
I would suggest that you start with program 1 and possibly only run them for a few weeks before moving on. I think a program can be from 3 – 8 weeks with maybe a little shorter time in the “lighter” programs. That way, everyone gets a common base to start from, and you can release some of the active ones a little earlier if the programs are too simple.
That said, think of all-round training; I always do that no matter the sport, including the MTB athletes I have worked with.
Wish you the best of luck with a varied workout; have fun with each other and never forget the basics …………… ..Sportsbasics!
Does it cost anything for my athletes to receive a training program?
No, It´s free for all your athletes to log in and see the programs you have made for them!
How do I change my password for

Just Log in with your actual password, then click on “My Profile” and choose “Change Password”. Now you can choose a new password.


I have problems to log in.

Sometimes it will help to reset your password. Click on “Forgot the password?”
You will then be guided to a new password.

When you received your new password you can log in and rename it again under “My profile”.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, send an e-mail to [email protected] and tell us, which user (e-mail address) should be cancelled. If you wish to activate the user again, just send us an e-mail. The personal programs created will be available for you again.

Can I delete a trainee/atlete/student?

You cannot delete trainees/atletes/students.
We recommend that you create a special group called “Former atletes/trainees/students” and move them to this group.
In this way, they do not get in the way for you.




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