Unique Training Concept

Basic training for all sports and levels.
Sportsbasics help coaches to sustainable development, less injuries and better results.
Sportsbasics cooperate with e.g. the Danish Handball Federation, Swedish Gymnastic Federation, Swedish Handball Federation and Holdsport.dk

All-round training concept for beginners to elite sports

Improve technique | Increase strength | Less injuries | Motivating concept

Are you a Coach?

Personalize the training
Keep track on your athletes programs
Create all-round athletes an train broad
Better training with focus on warm up

Solution for the Club?

Save time and use ready-made programs
Create context in the clubs physical training
Avoid unnecessary injuries
Create continuity and vary the daily training

For the Federation?

Create the foundation of your future National Team
Reduce the risk of injuries
Become a Partner and get better prices
Sportsbasics.com can be used by all coaches

ready-made programs

exercises on video

concepts for specific sports

uses Sportsbasics today

Sportsbasics training helps my body to perform at top level. Without Sportsbasics training the risk of injuries will be significantly larger. It is a unique concept.

Viktor Axelsen
Badminton player

In a time with focus on developing talents, I think it is very important to remember that most studies show that early specialization reduces motivation and increases the risk of injuries. Thats why Sportsbasics is a very important tool in the development of the body.


Basic training is the foundation for all sports and Sportsbasics facilitates co-ordination, flexibility, balance and strength. And it is also fun. The Danish Handball Federation have through many years used Mats Mejdevi´s basics exercises and perceive the concept as injury preventive.

Ulrik Wilbek
Former National Coach Women and Men for the Danish Handball Federation with Gold Medals in the Olympic Games, World Championships

After working 10 years with Mats Mejdevi and Sportsbasics I can only give my best recommendations. Sportsbasics is a unique exercise from that broadly helps athletes at any level – from world class professionals to children of all ages. This is a rare combination and testifies to the versatility and quality Sportsbasics

Peter Gade
Badminton legend

The biggest difference between Mats and other coaches I’ve had is that he trains a lot using body-weight. No doubt that this is healthier for the body, something that could prolong one’s career. But even though it is not with heavy weights, I can promise you that it’s still hard.
It has worked perfectly. He listens a lot to what I personally feel I need, so the training is matched perfectly to me.

Frans Nielsen,
Denmark, Ice hockey

Young Footballplayers should train Sportsbasics at minimum two times a week and of course in every warm up!

Erik Hamrén,
National Coach Swedish Football Team

More aware of bodymovement and coordination. Strengthen specific areas you need for your individual sport. Not much equipment needed so you can do most of the exercises anywhere you go.

I liked working with Mats, his ideas were new to me and he makes the training fun.

Rory Mcilroy,
Nothern Ireland, Golf

In simple terms – I have become stronger. Mats’ training is very relevant for my sport – it helps me improve my qualities on the tennis court. Moreover Mats’ training keeps injuries away and all during my time with Mats, I have not experienced any significant injuries. Additionally, I have improved my agility, movements and mentality. Mats’ training is also easy to practice while traveling, which is very important for me as I travel around. 30 weeks a year.


I only have positive things to say. Mats is always positive and motivating. When I started with Mats, I was incredibly far behind physically but Mats has helped me reach new heights and I will continue with Mats as long as he wants to have anything to do with me!

Frederik Löchte Nielsen,
Denmark, Tennis – Wimbledon Champion 2012 (Mens´s doubles)

This makes Sportsbasics unique!

Training concept for all sports

Sportsbasics.com is a unique pedagogical tool for coaches to increase and develop the athletes different skills.

Flexible and Innovative

As a coach it is very important to motivate your athletes and one of the most important methods is to vary the training. 

Start with Sportsbasics today!

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