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Sportsbasics.com is owned and operated by: Sportsbasics.com IVS (37546380)

1. Knowledge of sales and delivery terms
By acting in Sportsbasics.com you declare that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you must immediately discontinue your purchase with Sportsbasics.com.

These terms and conditions apply to all purchases made on Sportsbasics.com of exercises, and subscriptions including video packages with multiple video clips and exercises.

2. Performance and delivery
All the exercises offered by Sportsbasics.com, are offered with the agreement of rightholders. Buy and use in accordance with these terms and conditions are fully legal.

To be able to view and access the exercises offered by Sportsbasics.com in the selected format, you must have equipment that supports reading and printing of the format. It is solely your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of equipment that supports the format you have selected.

In order for Sportsbasics.com to process your order, it must contain all relevant information regarding your purchase. By submission of order, you agree, that Sportsbasics.com can immediately start delivery of the books in light of the information contained in the contract.
Access to purchased exercises is done by providing access to one of Sportsbasics.com driven streaming server and to let the buyer have password to access them at any time purchased number of exercises.

Once you have completed payment for the exercises or subscriptions you’ve purchased at Sportsbasics.com, the bought exercises will be available for streaming in the selected format.

Immediately after the payment is completed, you will receive an email containing a confirmation of the exercises you’ve purchased at Sportsbasics.com

You are encouraged to print the order confirmation immediately upon receipt, when the order confirmation must be presented to any complaints.

You may at any time see a summary of the exercises you’ve purchased at Sportsbasics.com on your personal page.

Sportsbasics.com has no responsibility for damages or accidents caused by users’ own performing of the listed exercises.

3. Rights, including the limited right to copy
All exercises that are offered by Sportsbasics.com are protected including after one or more of the following: Copyright law, trademark law, design law, patent law, utility model law, semiconductor product marketing law or the law. Violations of those rights are illegal and may result in prosecution by law and penalties.

All exercises streamed from Sportsbasics.com may depend on the format bear digital use restrictions which, among other things, prohibit or restrict the scope for replication of the streaming files

Whether you purchase individual clips or access Sportsbasics.com via a subscription, you are not permitted to copy or re-distribute these clips in any way.

This Agreement shall constitute a disposition agreement in relation to the Copy-Dan license agreement relating to educational and commercial use. You may not, whatever any agreement with Copy-Dan, distribute exercises for educational purposes or commercial use.
4. Rates
All prices quoted on Sportsbasics.com are given in DKK (Danish Kroners) and includes 25% Danish VAT.

Your use of Sportsbasics.com, including the purchase of exercises through Sportsbasics.com may be associated with additional costs to third parties, such as charges for data transmission. Similarly, the acquisition or licensing of technical equipment and software associated with additional costs.

5. Treatment of customer information
When you order exercises or subsriptions at Sportsbasics.com you agree, that we will record your information so we can process your order correctly and inform you if unforeseen problems with the delivery would occur.

You can always contact Sportsbasics.com if you want further information about what data Sportsbasics.com deal about you, or if the information requested deleted or corrected. It is your responsibility to contribute to the personal information that Sportsbasics.com has registered about you at any time are correct and you must inform the Sportsbasics.com if you believe Sportsbasics.com have registered false information about you.

Information about your orders are kept for 5 years to allow you to follow the exercises you’ve purchased at Sportsbasics.com. Then the information automatically is deleted, unless the information is still relevant to Sportsbasics.com including, for example, if data must be used in the treatment of a second order or complaints.

If you accept this Sportsbasics.com continuously will send offers and other news to you via the email address you have provided in connection with your purchase with Sportsbasics.com. You may at any time you opt to receive such emails by following the procedure that are listed in the email you receive from Sportsbasics.com.

6. Charge
At Sportsbasics.com you can pay with international payment cards, including Visa Card and MasterCard

Payment by credit card takes place via a secure SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt payment information on your credit card while they are sent to the payment gateway ePay, so that unauthorized persons can not access the information.

Credit card information is solely used to verify the payment with Nets (PBS). Sportsbasics.com does not receive or store any information about your credit card.

Subscriptions – repeated regular payments:

Card number, expiration date and the CVV are entered during payment. These are kept in a secure way, approved by Nets. For security reasons, they cannot be shown again. Neither on the webiste or in e-mails. This prevents the information from being abused to purchase other goods. We will never ask you for this information, neither by e-mail, letter, or by phone.

Requirements to complete transactions with the card number of the card holder
By signing up and agreeing to these terms, you allow for Sportsbasics to withdraw the specified amount in regular intervals according to the price and period of the purchased subscription.

Information about payments
A receipt is emailed to the subscriber each time a withdrawal is made.
Card holder’s responsibility and liability
Please note that your susbscription is binding from the first time you log into the member area. You are therefore obliged to pay the full amount for the subscription period and the following periods unless you cancel your subscription, according to our terms of cancellation.

Procedure for renewing or deleting card information
If you need to update your credit card information, you can do so from the membership area when you are logged into the site. This will prevent the next subscription payment from being withdrawn. You can at any time request the deletion of your credit card information. This is the equivalent of a cancellation and can be carried out at any time. The subscription will still run for the remainderof active period. When the membership expires, your credit card information is automatically deleted.

Procedure for cancelling subscription
You can cancel your subscription at any time. When logged in, you can open the page “My profile” and click “Cancel subscription”. This will cancel subscription payments from your credit card. When the membership expires, your credit card information is automatically deleted.

7. Rights
The only consumers who are the subject of consumer contract law rules. For consumers, the following concerning the right:

It appears from the consumer contract that you may have 14 days right of withdrawal.

In adopting the terms and conditions give you permission to Sportsbasics.com can provide the exercise you’ve purchased at Sportsbasics.com immediately after you have ordered and payment for the exercise is complete.

Please be aware that this has the consequence that your right ends where the exercise is transmitted to your computer and you can not undo your purchase or return to the exercises Sportsbasics.com.

8. Complaints
Discovers a technical error or defects in an exercise that you bought through Sportsbasics.com, please contact Sportsbasics.com ‘s customer support ([email protected]) as soon as possible after you’ve found it.

If an exercise purchased from Sportsbasics.com proves to be defective or missing in the 2 years after delivery, taking Sportsbasics.com is reasonable to replace them exercise. If this is not possible, or consider Sportsbasics.com not consider it appropriate to make replacement, you are entitled to a refund of the purchase.

9. Responsibility and liability limitations
Sportsbasics.com declares that all mandated exercises live up to their descriptions, and that the exercises are provided in the selected format.

All orders are processed on the basis of the information you have specified in your order and any other information that Sportsbasics.com receives from you.
Sportsbasics.com has no responsibility for errors or deficiencies in performance that result from the content of information received from you or due to your technical equipment, including errors due to errors associated with your presentation of the exercise.

Sportsbasics.com assumes no responsibility beyond the before mentioned points. Sportsbasics.com can in no case be liable for indirect or direct loss due to improper implementation of a training exercise in the situation.

Under no circumstances, including in the above cases can Sportsbasics.com be liable for losses caused by breakdowns and / or lack access to IT systems or destruction / damage of data in these systems, regardless of the Sportsbasics.com, with the operation of the systems where the above events can be attributed to force majeure circumstances, including: (i) Failure of power supply or telecommunications at Sportsbasics.com, (ii) regulatory, (iii) Terrorism or vandalism (including computer viruses and hacking) , riots, insurrection, sabotage, war or natural disasters, (iv) strike, lockout, boycott or blockade, regardless of whether the conflict is directed against or initiated by Sportsbasics.com himself or his organization, and regardless of the conflict reason. It also applies where the conflict only affect parts of Sportsbasics.com or (v) Other conditions and circumstances which are outside Sportsbasics.com ‘s control

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction 10.1
These terms and conditions are subject to English law and any dispute between you and Sportsbasics.com, in respect of purchases from Sportsbasics.com shall be settled in court in Hillerød, Denmark.

11. Contacting Sportsbasics.com
If in doubt, please contact our customer support email: [email protected]

Sportsbasics.com IVS
Agertoften 18
DK-3400 Hillerød

[email protected]
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