Features in the universe of Sportsbasics

With the large database of exercises in sportsbasics.com you will easily and soon find inspiration. You will save a lot of time making training programs and a lot more.

Level based training system

There are five levels of difficulty in most of the exercises: from A to E, where A is the easiest. It means that everyone can find their own level for physical challenge and develop from there.

Large exercise library with videoclips

Be inspired by the large video based exercise library with more than 1100 exercises

Ready-made training programs

Use the ready-made training programs for different sports, functions or body parts

Handling of athletes or groups

Here, you can keep track of your athletes and send training programs to an individual athlete or to a group / team

Remember your favorite exercises

If there are exercises that you often use in your training programs you can gather dem under “My exercises”. Then you will have easy access to them when you are going to make a new training program.

More features on the way

We try our best to improve the platform www.sportsbasics.com.
Look out for new initiatives.

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